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I Shed My Skin Tonight.

My Fangs Are Hard To Hide.

M. Shadows.
31 July 1981

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M. Shadows. Most would know him as Master after he brutally murdered his own so he could have power over all. What he says goes and if he hears a complaint consider yourself dead. He's a rude, arrogant, evil, sarcastic bastard and he enjoys defiling people for his own personal gain. Not a slave? You, soon will be. Not a Vampire? He'll change that too. Annoy the hell out of him and you'll become his next playmate til he gets tired of you. That or you'll be sent to the dungeons to be tortured unmercifully.

Yes, he has a reflection. How? He didn't die by his master until the very end. Don't like it? Tough shit. He wears silver fangs over his real ones to decieve the humans into thinking he's one of them. Once trust is gained he lures them away from prying eyes then murders them for their blood.

[Fake Like Pam Andersons Tits.]