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I Shed My Skin Tonight. [entries|friends|calendar]
M. Shadows.


About Me

I came to this city a stranger, a human stranger. Then I met my Master. Cruelty in every form. I hated him from the beginning. He abused me. Turned me into a monster just like him. I hadn't even been in London for more than 3 hours and I had died and been reborn in the same day, same hour, same week. I died Matt Sanders and was reborn as M. Shadows. I didn't like the feeling at first. The sun was my fucking mortal enemy and thus left me to sleep in a room void of windows. I wouldn't take to a coffin for all the money or blood in the world. They're pointless. You can't have sex in them for one. They never allow you enough space. And well coffins are gay as fuck. Days turned into weeks allowing me ample time to adjust to my new life. The more I got out during the night to hunt the more into being a vampire I became. My first kill was some stupid guy who thought that I was joking. Poor guy never had a clue and while I watched him die I laughed. I laughed in his face. Not to long after my turning I had noticed my body taking to a new change. I was becoming faster, stronger, smarter, and power hungry. I wanted the people of London to fear me as they did my Master. I wanted to intimidate men and woman, scare little kids with a meer smile. I wanted it all. Money, Power, Blood, and Sex. Only way I could achieve such a high honor was to murder my Master. Take his life but not offer a new one in return. So on a night when the moon was full and the lust for blood was high I murdered him viciously. How you might ask? I ripped his throat out with my bare fangs. I watched him choke to death, his blood ran down my face like tears. His neck showered myself and the sidewalk in a crimson rain before the real rain started. People, mostly vampires, gathered round or had taken witness to the incident. Slack jawed that a man of such power had been taken down by his own pet. Then there before me they all bowed down and thus started my reign as M. Shadows, Master of all Vampires.

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Posted on April 29, 2010 @ 7:51 pm ]
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You, want into my world then you'll just have to be a good little bitch and ask nicely and I might say yes otherwise fuck off.
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